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Data Science & Analytics

JOB Role based Learning System

We have meticulously designed the Data Science and Analytics program to align with specific job roles, allowing students to focus on practical and career-relevant skills. Our approach ensures that students can comprehend and choose their learning path until they feel confident for the targeted job role, avoiding unnecessary content.


The course commences with a robust SQL module designed to enhance your understanding of databases and data analysis concepts. This knowledge will empower you to analyze vast datasets, providing insights into how industries store and leverage their data for business development. This module equips you with the skills needed to pursue roles such as SQL Analyst.


The second module of the course delves into data science programming languages, specifically emphasizing advanced Python.
The primary focus of this module is to ensure that the user comprehensively understands programming, starting from scratch and progressing to the development of simple Python applications capable of solving real-world problems 


An individual proficient in both Python and SQL can excel in collecting raw data from diverse sources, processing and optimizing it, solving data mining challenges, and storing the results in the appropriate format within a SQL database. Furthermore, they possess the skillset to construct efficient pipelines for seamless data storage and retrieval. This comprehensive expertise makes them a valuable asset for roles in data engineering and related IT domains.


The course progresses from data engineering into effective data manipulation and analysis techniques, utilizing various libraries such as Pandas, NumPy, Matplotlib, Seaborn, and other R libraries. The journey continues with dashboard building using both Python and R programming.

Students delve into descriptive statistics concepts, enhancing their skills to become effective data analysts. 


The course transitions from descriptive statistics to inferential statistics. Students gain knowledge in various feature engineering techniques, enabling them to construct optimized machine learning models in both supervised and unsupervised categories.
This encompasses regression, classification, and clustering methods. 


The course will advance into advanced data science techniques, covering Natural Language Processing, Recommendation Systems, and Time Series Analysis. It enriches participants’ data science journey by incorporating real-world data science projects from the relevant industry profiles of the students, facilitating an easier transition to landing a data science job.

3 Levels of Course Journey

The program will guide you through three easy stages, leading you to attain the role of a Data Scientist by covering all the modules.



The first level encompasses the SQL Analyst and Python Professional roles within a one-month duration.



Level 2 concludes with the segment on data engineering and the data analyst role within a one-month duration.



Level 3 completes the entire module, encompassing machine learning and data scientist roles within a one-month duration.

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Eligible Criteria

This dedicated classroom training is exclusively designed for serious job seekers committed to advancing their careers in data roles. The program, conducted at our Cuddalore branch, requires a minimum commitment of 7 hours of learning per day.

Data Science for Graduates

Freshers & Job Seekers

Have you completed your graduation? We welcome enrollment from candidates with backgrounds in Engineering, Medical, Arts, and Science. However, students should have successfully completed their final semester examinations and be prepared to fully focus on this course.

Data Science for Working Professionals to Change Their Career

Career Changing Professionals

Are you a professional who has quit your current job and is seeking a career change into IT/Data-related roles? This program is tailored for individuals like you. Feel free to inquire before enrolling, as the difficulty of the learning journey may vary based on your years of experience.

Take a look on our Student’s Coursework!

Our students achieved JOBs on various industries through their strong skills on various courseworks including the open source project contribution, writing blogst and networking! Some samples are here!

01 Aswin Dashboard

The diabetes patients dashboard was built using Python, Matplotlib and Seaborn libraries at Variablz Academy.

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Step into Artificial Intelligence Career

We have designed our programs to help you understand how AI is suitable for your career. Simply begin your career step by step



2 Hours Webinar

  • Learn What is AI
  • AI based JOB Roles
  • 2024 JOB Analytics Reports
  • Lifetime Verified Certificate
  • Complete Data Science Roadmap



30 days Classroom  Training

  • Python Backend & Frontend
  • SQL Database Development
  • SQL Data Analysis
  • Python Data Analysis & Visualization
  • Dashboard Building
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Data science
live bootcamp


3 months Online Training

  • SQL for Data Analyst
  • Python for Data Science
  • Data Manipulation with Pandas & NumPy
  • Data Visualization & Dashboard Building
  • Feature Engineering & Machine Learning



100 days Classroom Training

  • Professional Python & SQL
  • Data Engineering
  • Data Analysis
  • Machine Learning
  • Data Science Project Deployment
  • 100% Guaranteed Internship
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Frequently Asked Questions!

We understand your queries and here are the answers to frequently asked questions.

This is an in-person classroom training program held at the Variablz Head Office in Cuddalore. Kindly be aware that we do not offer online programs for Data Science & Analytics at this time.

You will receive the physical copy of your Certificate for every level of completion

  1. Data Foundation
  2. Professional Data Analyst, and
  3. Professional Data Scientist

Also, you will receive the encrypted digital certificate.

Our approach eliminates the traditional exam culture, focusing on fostering practical understanding rather than memorization. Evaluation is centered around real-world project submissions. Upon completing each level, students are required to submit their projects within 30 days to earn their certificate. This emphasizes the application of acquired concepts in a tangible, hands-on manner.

In our classroom training program, you will have the privilege of being guided by dedicated and experienced trainers and mentors throughout your learning journey. These professionals will provide direct guidance and mentorship, ensuring your support until the completion of the course duration.

To enhance your learning experience, we offer a dedicated Learning Management System (LMS) for our program. All class modules and programming codes will be readily available for your self-practice. You will have access to the LMS platform for 4 months starting from the first day of class, providing you ample time for comprehensive self-study and practice.

For our classes, it's recommended that you bring the following items to ensure a productive learning experience:

  1. Laptop:
    • Bring a laptop with the necessary configurations for the course requirements. The laptop will be provided with the course, if the user does not wish to get the laptop they can raise a refund of 10,000 rupees.
  2. Notebook and Pen:
    • While digital resources are provided, having a notebook and pen for jotting down key points can be helpful.
  3. Charger:
    • Ensure your laptop is fully charged, and bring the charger to avoid disruptions during the class.
  4. Curiosity and Enthusiasm:
    • Come with an open mind, curiosity, and enthusiasm to fully engage with the learning material.

Remember, our dedicated trainers and mentors are there to guide you, so feel free to ask questions and actively participate in the learning process.

Our mentors are seasoned professionals with hands-on experience in tackling real-world industrial Data Science problems. They currently work or have worked extensively in the industry, bringing a wealth of practical knowledge to the classroom. You can expect direct interaction with these mentors during class hours, providing you with insights, guidance, and firsthand experiences related to industrial Data Science challenges. This interactive approach ensures a comprehensive and applied learning experience throughout the course.

  • To enroll in our program, it is recommended that students have completed at least a minimum of any undergraduate courses in Engineering, Medical, or Arts and Science. For job seekers and professionals considering a career shift into Artificial Intelligence, we strongly advise reaching out for a free consultation with our representative. This consultation will provide an opportunity to discuss the potential and prospects of securing a job in the Artificial Intelligence domain based on individual qualifications and career goals.

Students can apply for the following JOB roles after completion of their program

  1. SQL Analyst
  2. Python Developer
  3. Data Engineer
  4. Data Analyst
  5. Data Science


Our course structure is organized into a 3-month program, comprising three levels: Foundation, Analyst, and Scientist. New batches commence every month, allowing students to enroll at the beginning of each month. For the exact date of the next batch, we recommend consulting with our representative. They will provide you with detailed information and guide you through the enrollment process, ensuring a seamless start to your Data Science journey.

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