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Training & Placement Opportunities We Provide!

Welcome to our specialized training programs, intricately crafted for corporations, professionals, and job seekers venturing into the domains of Information Technology, Artificial Intelligence, and Digital Transformation.

Corporate Training at Variablz

Corporate Training

We are here to assist core industries, including the Mechanical, Electrical, and Civil sectors, in training their employees to implement and improve their digital transformation projects.

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Placement at Variablz

Career99 Placement Program

An intricately designed placement training program tailored for individual job seekers and professionals eager to transition their careers towards digital transformation, information technology, and artificial intelligence.

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Data Science at Variablz

Data Science & Analytics

A versatile and job role-focused Data Science and Analytics program designed to equip individuals for roles such as SQL Analyst, Python Professional, Data Engineer, Data Analyst, Machine Learning Engineer, and Data Scientist.

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Mobile App Development at Variablz

Mobile App Development

Customized for freshers and job seekers, our comprehensive mobile app development training spans three levels—backend, frontend, and fullstack—centered on the Flutter framework. This program is meticulously designed to quickly impart the skills essential for securing the Mobile App Developer role.

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Course works!

Our trainings have led to job placements across diverse industries, demonstrating the effectiveness of our programs. Participants showcase their proficiency through coursework, open-source project contributions, blog writing, and networking. Explore some noteworthy samples of their achievements.

2024 AI Job Analytical Dashboard by Variablz Academy

We have developed a JOB Analytical dashboard at Variablz Academy to measure the JOB market in the Artificial Intelligence domain. We ensure our students learn the right things to land ...the right job in the AI domain with our research works

It's just Python & SQL, nothing else, and it took less than 10 hours.

NOTE: It's still in the development stage. Many more features are yet to come.
How does it look? Any comments?

#dataanalysis #job #career #variablz #dataanalytics
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Take a look at more outcomes from our Programs!

Highlighting the diverse facets of our success stories, you’ll find links to Corporate Training Application designs, insightful student blogs, and impressive GitHub portfolios. Explore these showcases to witness the practical applications and accomplishments of our programs.

Medium Blogs on Variablz

Student’s Blog

In addition to our training initiatives, we foster a culture of knowledge-sharing and social growth. Explore the valuable insights our students and employees have contributed through publications on Data Science and Mobile Application Development, showcasing their expertise and contributing to the wider community.

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Open Source Contribution at Variablz

Open Source Contributions

Both our organization and students actively contribute to coding communities across diverse spaces, encompassing Data Science, Python, and Flutter development. Join us in the collaborative spirit of advancing knowledge and skills in these fields.

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Varun Ev
Varun Ev
I have completed my Python Programming at Variablz Caddalore. It was a good . Friendly staff's .
be satisfied with preethi
be satisfied with preethi
Clear explanation... motivated workshop..guys if you want to learn about what is AI and why AI is in peak..then it's place you to learn
Giri Dharan
Giri Dharan
A. Priyadharshan
A. Priyadharshan
It's really worth to learn in online thank you for giving this opportunity to learn artificial intelligence thank you sir
Ahammed .A
Ahammed .A
Certificate is original or participants certificate I am not using gpay or phone pe payment cash only give and I got certificate request to allow for me sir

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